At Edgez Dance we require that students purchase the proper footwear for classes. All attire and footwear can be purchased at Edgez Dance. Due to limited sizes on site, attire or footwear might need to be ordered, takes 1 – 2 weeks to arrive.

Ballet: Pink Ballet Shoes (Girls) // Black Ballet Shoes (Boys)            Jazz/Theatre Jazz/Acro Dance: Tan Jazz Shoes
Tap: Black Tap Shoes          Contemporary: Tan Half-Soles          Hip-Hop: Tennis shoes with laces or straps
Attire:It is highly recommended, but not required, for students to purchase dance attire that consists of a leotard, skirt/shorts and tights. Students may wear active wear they can comfortable move in; no jeans, skirts or dresses.

*Acro Students: Must be able to tuck-in their shirt or wear a leotard/unitard
*Hip-Hop Students: Should wear long shorts, pants, or leggings that cover their knees since there is often floorwork. Likewise should wear a shirt that is able to be tucked in if their is a mat portion of class.

2017 - 2018

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday 4:45p - 9:00p

Saturday: 9:30a - 12:30p

Closed: Sundays


2415 Curry Ford Rd. Orlando FL, 32806

2017 - 2018 Dance Schedule (Classes Begins August 7th, 2017)

Classes close, per recital, January 6th