Bathroom use during class
Parents/guardians should ask their students if they need to use the bathroom at home before coming to the studio or upon arrival at the studio. We understand and will still allow students to use the bathroom at any point in the class, however, this can help eliminate the "Bathroom Train" - when one student goes to the bathroom suddenly everyone else has to. Simply asking before class can help!  

Pointe Shoe Policy
Students — and parents — must realize that teachers have to be firm: there is a risk of serious injury in introducing pointework too soon. Starting pointe work is not just a question of age or physical maturity but also readiness depends on strength, technique, attitude, and commitment. 

The bones of the foot are not fully developed until sometime between ages 13 - 15. Of course, there is a great deal of individual variation. If a young dancer attempts pointework without proper strength and technique, the significant forces created by the combination of body weight and momentum can permanently damage those not-fully-developed bones. 

It is recommended that students are professionally fit for pointe shoes when approved for Pointe Work by an instructor. We do not recommend purchasing or using Pointe Shoes outside a professional/supervised setting. Students interested in Pointe will be expected to take at least three or four ballet hours a week.

We love to see the enthusiasm within our dancers but we do not want our dancers to injure themselves by using ill-fitted shoes or practicing on pointe shoes without supervision. When your student is ready for pointe we will be sure to communicate that and it will be a celebratory time!
More information:

*W​hen you wear the right pair of shoes you can conquer the world*
Just like sports, you need the right equipment to succeed in dance! At Edgez Dance we require that students purchase the proper footwear for all classes. Students may be allowed to dance barefoot for the first few classes until their shoes are purchased. Students will not be allowed to participate in a tap class without shoes for safety purposes. Street shoes MUST BE WIPED OFF BEFORE ENTERING THE dance room EACH TIME! Wearing street shoes in the dance rooms can track dirt, oil, and gravel that will be ingrained into our Marley floors! Dancers should never wear any dance shoes outside as it damages the soles of the dance shoes!!