Updated 10/8/19

 Edgez Dance is moving to a new location 4602 E. Michigan St. Orlando, FL 32812 this fall!

Grand Opening October 20th!

Grand Opening Schedule 

NEW adult drop in classes each Friday! See our Friday schedule under our dance schedule tab. 


Parent/Guardians must attend an "Acceptance Meeting" in order for their student to be officially recognized as an active Edgez Dance student. Within the  "Acceptance Meeting", parents will know all details within the Parent/Student Handbook & the Recital handbooks including but not limited to policies, dates, payments, etc.

You can attend a group "Acceptance Meeting" or schedule one with Edgez Dance Staff. Students CANNOT begin classes at Edgez Dance with a parent or guardians attending an "Acceptance Meeting" first. This meeting will help Edgez Dance ensure that parent/guardians are well informed of everything about and happening at Edgez Dance.


Tuition payment schedule: Tuition will be due on the 15th of each month and is late on the 3rd of each month. (Example: September Tuition: Due August 15th late September 3rd) Payments received on the 3rd will have a late fee applied to their account.

Edgez Dance is partnered with JackRabbit Software. This allows new families to signup online as well as current families register, enroll, pay for classes and more! We appreciate your understanding 
of any issues that arise as we are constantly learning and upgrading our software. Please contact with any questions!   



Edgez Dance now has 2 dance rooms and will provide viewing through our televisions with closed-circuit cameras. 

 Parent/guardians will ONLY be allowed in the dance rooms at specific timeframes throughout the year, otherwise, parent/guardians will not be allowed in the dance room for the benefit of all the students in the class their class time and dance education. 

Do not for any reason stand by the desk to block the doorway.


Students can arrive up to 15 minutes before their class time. This is to allow the students to use the bathroom, change clothes, change shoes or just take a breather before class.

​We would like to ask that students DO NOT arrive more than 15 minutes before their scheduled class time, to be respectful of another students class time. Meaning if your class time is at 7:00p you should bring your student NO EARLIER than 6:45p. If you notice that all the chairs and space in the lobby is full please do not step in and block the doorway, simply wait outside until the students in the class before, leave.

Parents/guardians should ask their students if they need to use the bathroom at home before coming to the studio or upon arrival
to the studio. We understand and will still allow students to use the bathroom at any point in the class, however, this can help eliminate the "Bathroom Train" - when one student goes to the bathroom suddenly everyone else has to. Simply asking before class can help!  

At Edgez Dance we allow flexibility of student attire,
however, a student shouldn't wear leotards or loose fitting shorts or short-shorts without TIGHTS! This is to avoid student's underwear and private parts from showing. Student's participating in Acro Dance are highly encouraged to wear a leotard or unitard if they are wearing a t-shirt and leggings, t-shirts must be tucked in to avoid showing their tummy or chest.

If you haven't already, 
students should have proper shoes for class, Jazz shoes for Jazz, Ballet shoes for Ballet, etc. Hair should be pulled up and out of the students face so that it doesn't distract them or get in the way of their activities. Acro Dance students: No buns, high ponytails, or other hairstyles that would bother the student during tumbling or headstands.

Full dress code:

See all of our 2019 recital "Iconz & Lengendz" Pictures! 

Show A:

Show B:

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