​​Mini  Program

What are these different programs?
Edgez Dance is now classifying dancers into programs that best suits their skill level or age group. This is to help determine the proper fit of each kid to each program to ensure their success by having them in an age-appropriate and a skill-appropriate environment. Students may be placed into one program for one style of dance but may be in a different program for another style of dance.

Is my child placed on their age or skill?
Both! Edgez Dance determines the closest fit by first age and through classes, we will find your student the best class for them based on their skill level. The student will be placed in a class that is closest to their age but can be moved up or down a level to fit their ability, per the instructor. HAVING STUDENTS OF THE SAME SKILL LEVEL CAN BE IMPORTANT FOR EFFECTIVE LEARNING, POSITIVE GROUP DYNAMICS, CLASS ENGAGEMENT, AND IMPROVED SELF-ESTEEM.

My student has previous dance experience and I feel like they should be in a higher level, why isn’t my student in a higher level?
Edgez Dance promotes the confidence of students in their ability to dance. However, sometimes rushing a student into a more advanced class can be more dangerous than helpful. a student might feel stressed to match up to the other students or might get injured trying skills they might not be ready for. Likewise, a student's other qualities such as focus or listening might hinder their ability for success in a higher-level class. Regardless of level or program that a student participated in all students receive the same resources, opportunity, and quality of classes to ensure each individual student's success in class.

Ages 6 - 8

Our Mini program caters to ages 5 - 8 still focusing on fun while increasing the student's dance vocabulary, precision, rhythm, flexibility, and overall growth as a dancer. Students' classes are combined styles to ensure well-rounded growth in dance and to explore all styles of dance. 

Program Color: Red


**Students will be placed in a program based on age first and instructors can move students to the program they feel best benefits the student's skills and ability**

**Summer Ages are of May 1st & Season 9 Ages are as of August 1st**