​​Shadow & Me Program

**Students will be placed in a program based on age first and instructors can move students to the program they feel best benefits the student's skills and ability**

**Summer Ages are of May 1st & Season 10 Ages are as of August 1st**

Ages 18 month - 2 years

Shadow & Me is more than just a creative movement class; it's a dynamic and enriching movement experience designed to illuminate the innate and joyful nature of young children while promoting family bonding. This class focuses on age-appropriate activities and movements to introduce the art of dance to young children. After all, creative movement can be defined as a movement that indicates the inner nature of a child. Throughout this class, our dancers and their shadowing adults will engage in a variety of activities and create lasting memories together. Our class will encourage students to explore movement using music, props, and balancing techniques, while incorporating reflections of ballet and jazz dancing styles. This creative movement class will help students develop physical skills, channel energy, and nurture their creativity, while  learning about their bodies, the space around them, and each other. The skills developed in this class are useful for students when heading into our Petite program. 
 Guided by our instructors, this class invites an adult, 18 or older, to act as a shadow for our students, ages 18 months to 2 years old. Our dancers have so many special people in their lives, and we welcome any one of them to assist during class. Throughout the class, students and their shadows will explore a fusion of music, movement, and dance together. This class will be an experience to strengthen the bond and relationship of the students and their supervising adults. No prior dance experience is needed to join this class, but shadows will be expected to participate with their dancers.  

Our curriculum is designed to achieve a multifaceted set of developmental goals. As students engage with the rhythm of the music and the grace of ballet-inspired movements, they are not only refining their physical coordination and motor skills but also fostering a profound connection between their bodies and the artistic expressions within. This phase sets the stage for their future endeavors, empowering them with skills that will serve as a solid foundation for their personal development and the transition into our Petite program.

​Program Color: Magenta

What are these different programs?
Edgez Dance is now classifying dancers into programs that best suits their skill level or age group. This is to help determine the proper fit of each kid to each program to ensure their success by having them in an age-appropriate and a skill-appropriate environment. Students may be placed into one program for one style of dance but may be in a different program for another style of dance

Is my child placed on their age or skill?
Both! Edgez Dance determines the closest fit by first age and through classes, we will find your student the best class for them based on their skill level. The student will be placed in a class that is closest to their age but can be moved up or down a level to fit their ability, per the instructor. HAVING STUDENTS OF THE SAME SKILL LEVEL CAN BE IMPORTANT FOR EFFECTIVE LEARNING, POSITIVE GROUP DYNAMICS, CLASS ENGAGEMENT, AND IMPROVED SELF-ESTEEM.

My student has previous dance experience and I feel like they should be in a higher level, why isn’t my student in a higher level?
Edgez Dance promotes the confidence of students in their ability to dance. However, sometimes rushing a student into a more advanced class can be more dangerous than helpful. a student might feel stressed to match up to the other students or might get injured trying skills they might not be ready for. Likewise, a student's other qualities such as focus or listening might hinder their ability for success in a higher-level class. Regardless of level or program that a student participated in all students receive the same resources, opportunity, and quality of classes to ensure each individual student's success in class.